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  1. Acting in haste leads to bad decisions.
    This particular one got them in extra trouble because in the most well known previous instance they appeared to have acted very quickly, and to have made a good decision. So there was all kinds of pressure to act quickly again. But there are two giant caveats there: in the previous instance the decision only appeared to have been made quickly, really having been taken in advance. And, even given that, there were some bad decisions taken at the same time that were not revealed as bad until now.
  2. Having a lawyer in your group is not the same as running things past a lawyer.
    The lawyer in the group is biased. He or she will try to come up with a way to justify the thing the group wants, and being a lawyer will probably succeed. If you want an objective opinion you need a lawyer who can be objective.

Not a lesson, because I knew it already, but this was also a reminder of the powerful suffering that lack of transparency can cause.

Yep ...

Date: 2012-07-30 03:17 pm (UTC)
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Two comments:

NESFA could use an impartial lawyer too. However, it is hard to get a lawyer who wants to deal with this sort of thing even when you are willing to pay. I tried for one of the recent Arisia hairballs and (a) the lawyer Arisia used before never returned phone calls, (b) my personal lawyer said it was out of this depth, and (c) a fanish lawyer who was not a member of Arisia buy whom we offered to pay never gave us an answer.

Sometimes you can be too slow. It will be interesting to see what Readercon does this week now that everyone is back in town and should be available.


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